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Wonder Woman Spoiler free Review

As time goes on Film Making is becoming more sophisticated, with better characterization, better stories and of course better effects. Wonder Woman certainly impresses on all of these levels.

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics have been working on a Wonder Woman film since 1996 with writers and directors coming and going throughout that time with very different ideas and directions. The end result is a period piece origin story of an emotionally intelligent, yet naïve and ignorant to the world powerful character. This film makes an impact.

As the father of a young girl I was most delighted that title star Gal Gadot and Director Patty Jenkins portrayed this character with dignity. Here is a character that makes a fantastic role model because she has strong ideals, a never give up attitude and is not being paraded around as a sex symbol. Gadot is oozing natural beauty with class.

We are travelling back here 100 years before the power house Wonder Woman we saw in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. You will notice similarities in the way she is portrayed and in the way that she fights but these are two very different points in this characters life and it shows. Gadot has stripped the harden shell of a warrior down to the sheltered aspect of a child who is unaware of the greatness that she is capable of.

The story takes us on a journey from the untouched beauty of the secluded island of Themyscira, home of the Amazonians, to the muddy trenches of the Western Front in the closing days of World War 1.  The period features of the film are absolutely believable, from the real world locations of London through Belgium to the Clothes and attitudes of characters and background extras. You feel uncomfortable at the pain and suffering of front line German occupied Belgium because it feels real.

Warner Bros. and DC Comics should be immensely proud of the portrayal of one of their oldest and most successful characters in modern film. This film will no doubt resonate through the halls of Marvel Studio’s that DC has stepped up in the Super-Hero genre and they can tell as compelling a story on screen as they can in the pages of their Comic Books.

My recommendation is go and see this film on the big screen. The battles and special effects are everything we, the audience, have come to expect from a Hollywood production and worthy of the cinema experience. This is not a mindless action film and I believe will resonate values with both Men and Women alike.