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Break Time

Hello to all,

Thank you all for making 2017 our best year yet at The Game Station. Your support this year has meant not only that we have never been busier but we have been able to grow and expand and give you more of what you want.

With the end of the year drawing ever closer we are going to enjoy time with our families for the week between Christmas and New Year to recharge ready for 2018. You will be able to order as normal and orders will be processed on our return on January 3rd.

We will be away, with limited contact from 24/12/17 and return to normal 3/01/2018. Thank you for your understanding. We have been working hard and will continue to work hard in setting up our Boxing Day Sale that will run until 30/12/17. BOXING DAY SALE – Follow this link from today and cash in on the Boxing Day prices early.

Thank you again for an amazing 2017 and we could not be more excited about what is to come in 2018. Have a safe and Merry Christmas and we will see you all again next year.


The Game Station Team

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Wonder Woman Spoiler free Review

As time goes on Film Making is becoming more sophisticated, with better characterization, better stories and of course better effects. Wonder Woman certainly impresses on all of these levels.

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics have been working on a Wonder Woman film since 1996 with writers and directors coming and going throughout that time with very different ideas and directions. The end result is a period piece origin story of an emotionally intelligent, yet naïve and ignorant to the world powerful character. This film makes an impact.

As the father of a young girl I was most delighted that title star Gal Gadot and Director Patty Jenkins portrayed this character with dignity. Here is a character that makes a fantastic role model because she has strong ideals, a never give up attitude and is not being paraded around as a sex symbol. Gadot is oozing natural beauty with class.

We are travelling back here 100 years before the power house Wonder Woman we saw in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. You will notice similarities in the way she is portrayed and in the way that she fights but these are two very different points in this characters life and it shows. Gadot has stripped the harden shell of a warrior down to the sheltered aspect of a child who is unaware of the greatness that she is capable of.

The story takes us on a journey from the untouched beauty of the secluded island of Themyscira, home of the Amazonians, to the muddy trenches of the Western Front in the closing days of World War 1.  The period features of the film are absolutely believable, from the real world locations of London through Belgium to the Clothes and attitudes of characters and background extras. You feel uncomfortable at the pain and suffering of front line German occupied Belgium because it feels real.

Warner Bros. and DC Comics should be immensely proud of the portrayal of one of their oldest and most successful characters in modern film. This film will no doubt resonate through the halls of Marvel Studio’s that DC has stepped up in the Super-Hero genre and they can tell as compelling a story on screen as they can in the pages of their Comic Books.

My recommendation is go and see this film on the big screen. The battles and special effects are everything we, the audience, have come to expect from a Hollywood production and worthy of the cinema experience. This is not a mindless action film and I believe will resonate values with both Men and Women alike.


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Fidget Spinners

Hello All,

We were expecting a shipment of Fidget Spinners yesterday for which we have a whole lot of people waiting on orders. Unfortunately after chasing the whereabouts of this shipment today we have been informed that it has been delayed until Monday 29th of May. Apologies to those awaiting these however this is currently out of our control. We will have them sent out as soon as we have them arrive to us.

The Game Station Team

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Today marks the release of the Brand New Nintendo Switch Console. It takes me back to the Summer of 1989 and unwrapping my glistening new Nintendo Entertainment System under the Christmas Tree. The Excitement. The Adventure. The fights over the controller!
The Switch is the 7th Nintendo Home Console to grace our shores since the 1987 Australian release of the NES and things have obviously come along way. As with previous releases Nintendo are not doing going the way of the other major console brands instead they are offering a new way to integrate stunning tech into our everyday life. They are offering us the opportunity to take the console and games we play at home anywhere we go and to be able to easily share this experience with those around us.
I know the release titles list is short but there is some fantastic looking Games coming in the next few months from Has Been Heros to the return of everyone’s favorite Plumber in Super Mario Odyssey. For those of us who are old enough to get nostalgic when you first load the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, close your eyes and think back to the Gold Cartridge we first controlled or buddy Link on way back when.

I am sure today is the beginning of many more years of family fun thanks to Nintendo. So, Thank you Nintendo.

The Game Station

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Hi All,

You may notice when scrolling around The Game Station that there is an option to make your purchases with Afterpay.

For those of you that are unsure Afterpay is a Third Party service that allows you to purchase your goods now and pay for them over 4 equal fortnightly repayments.

To get a better understanding of how it works click here to go to Afterpay’s “How it Works” page.

If you have any questions please let us know, otherwise continue to Live Your Passion.


The Game Station Team

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Vote on Wonder Woman Ring Design

Hi Faithful followers,

One of most celebrated and popular product lines is the DC Comics Jewellery range which is brought to us by Guild Jewellery Design under licence from DC Comics. Jump onto the Guild Jewellery facebook page now to vote for your preference on the new design for a Wonder Woman ring to celebrate her 75th anniversary this year.


The Game Station Team

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Batman 1989 Review

This movie came out when I was 3 years old so it’s fair to say I do not remember the hype that came with it. According to the DVD case Erik Preminger of KGO-TV San Francisco called it “The Movie of the Decade”. My opinion is however mixed. As a huge fan of Batman comics I have issues with large aspects of the story and characterization. Is the movie entertaining? Yes. Is it true to the Batman developed over the prior 50 years from inception by Bob Kane? No.

The opening scene presents us with what could very easily be the Thomas and Martha Wayne murder but we quickly find it is not. It is a clever way to introduce Batman in Crime Ally where it all began and references his true origin that will be explored later in the film. We find ourselves listening into a conversation between thugs after a small time crime about the rumored Batman. In the back ground we see a silhouette of our Caped Hero making his first appearance. I can imagine how exciting it would have been sitting in the Cinema in 1989. The scene comes to a close after Batman defeats the thugs and disappears but not before my favorite part of any Batman film, the line; “I’m Batman”. Michael Keaton did this with style.


Unfortunately the movie was downhill from here for me. Not because the special effects were bad, they are supposed to be, it was 1989 after all. It wasn’t because of the city setting, it feels like any good Gotham from a Comic, TV Show, Movie or Game. It was downhill because of the characters.

Michael Keaton plays a good Batman and a decent enough Bruce Wayne for the most part. Bruce Wayne to me is a character who although dark and easy to misunderstand still comes across to everyone other than his inner circle as charismatic and level headed. We find our hero in this incarnation smooth enough to have one date with Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale and turn her into a semi-passive stalker but then too self-consumed to be able to effectively lie to her about where he will be or why he cannot see her. In his line of work lying is a very important part of survival.

Importantly though there were some missing facts about Wayne, his family and his fortune. It seems that people know he is rich but that is about it. No mention of Wayne Enterprises at all which is where the development of all his tech and toys comes from. Joker even says, “Where does he get all those cool toys?” Not even the audience can really answer that. During Vicki Vales stalking of Bruce it takes a fair while to figure out that his parents were killed and the archive newspaper footage only says “Prominent Doctor and Wife Murdered”, nothing about the family and the fortune that little Bruce would inherit.


Then we have the big Batman issue that we come across right towards the end of the film. He is a killer. The Batman in Detective Comics #27 in July of 1939 (his first ever appearance) wasn’t too concerned about knocking a man to his death in an acid tank saying simply, “A fitting end for his kind”. However in the 50 years that preceded that leading to this movie, Batman was further defined into being totally incapable of letting anyone die regardless of the carnage they had caused or the further damage they could do the world and innocent people. He even proclaims to the Joker, “I am going to Kill you”. He of course does along with some Joker thugs along the way.


Jack Nicolson has some stellar moments as The Joker where we see that loved character really come to life. Nicolson defined the role for a generation and to this day every incarnation of the Joker is compared against his take on the ultimate super villain. Where the Joker falls down for me is the back story. The name Jack Napier was a combination of Jack Nicolson and the late Alan Napier who played butler Alfred in the 1966 Television series Batman. The fact that he even has a name and history is a fair issue for me. I like that they adapted the Detective Comics tank of Acid mixed with “The Killing Joke” graphic novels origin on the inception of the Joker character to create him. “The Killing Joke” still left the reader unclear on who the man who would become the joker really was but gave us a glimmer in the man before the clown. The exciting thing about reading a comic with the Joker is that you don’t really have too much history to define his actions whereas this film gave him too much tangible history to draw upon making him a predictable foe.


I felt the inclusion of Harvey Dent as district attorney with no indication of his future as Two-Face, the criminal mastermind was excellent. It showed a conscious decision by the writing team to use a known character in a form that predates the one we are most accustom to and gave a sequel option without delving into any important over characterization where it was unnecessary to the current story.

There have been many a Batmobile across all media over the past 77 years however this is my second favorite. My favorite being the 1966 Batmobile. I like this one for so many reasons but right from the introduction of the car where Batman says to Vicki Vale, “Get in the Car”, to which she responds, “Which car” before the camera sweeps it into view. I need to keep reminding myself to imagine that I’m in a Cinema in 1989 and think about how awe inspiring this machine would have been. Then I realize it doesn’t need to be 1989 for me to still be impressed by what they created. It feels like it pops straight out of the pages of a comic book. Even its animated Shields would have been a triumph of the time.


There is a few moments of animation that made me chuckle to myself, but in a good way. Fittingly the shots of the Bat Signal in the sky and when big search lights are on buildings look like they were developed for Bugs Bunny in the looney tunes studio, which they probably were.  Again this just personifies the fact that this film was made in the 80’s where Boom Boxes could be carried on your shoulder and the Beastie Boys were hot property.

I mentioned briefly the city setting before or the back drop to the film. There was only one scene notable set in the day time making the film mostly dark by design. No film about The Dark Knight should feel like a rose garden. I loved the mixed between an 80’s city with almost 1940’s or 50’s attire. It almost celebrates the history and early days of the superhero genre and Batman’s beginnings but most importantly it doesn’t necessarily look like real life. It is important I think to have movies like these seem realistic to a point but remembering they come from a world where an Alien with a Big S on his chest flys around and saves the planet from adversity, they can blur the lines and leave some explanations up to the audience to imagine for themselves.


I see why this was the biggest movie of the year when it was released and for a number of reasons still rates a mention today. As I said in the beginning I am torn between my appreciation for the movie by design and my love for the comic genre and Batman character vs the individual characterization of particularly Batman and the Joker. We are less than a month now from the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in cinemas so I think if you are looking for ways to pass the time whilst your overwhelming excitement for the new film builds and boils within you, revisit Tim Burton’s take on the Caped Crusader and his emergence as Gotham City’s Protector.

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Deadpool Movie Review

“WOW!” That is all I could say walking out of the cinema after being captivated for the best part of two hours by this film.

I will start by saying I managed to avoid seeing a single trailer for this film prior to watching the entire movie. I have a real issue with trailers ruining movies. So I was able to go into this one blind, despite Fox Studios extremely effective marketing campaign. I am however familiar with Deadpool and his comic book adventures. When a movie has this much hype you rarely leave the cinema impressed because frankly your expectations far outweigh the commercial execution of the film.


Ryan Reynolds portrayal of the Anti-Hero antagonist was fantastic. It is often strange when you are accustom to a character in print and all of a sudden that character is in live action and has a real voice. I never pictured Reynolds voice attached to that character despite his previous appearance as Wade Wilson/Weapon X in The X-Men origins Wolverine film. So after a couple of lines of dialog my expectation was adjusted and now I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Right from the start you’re drawn in, whether it be the cheesy one liners or the fast paced and gruesome action sequences or even the unusual title sequence, the excitement stays with you. The movie doesn’t leave you waiting. I will warn you this movie is not for the squeamish or those lacking a sense of humor. The amazing thing is that on reflection the story is a bit thin and it doesn’t even matter. I was so enthralled in the story that I totally missed that during the session. The character development and storytelling was so good that it didn’t need to be overly intricate and full of plot twists. I would say that you could have made a film about Deadpool serving Chimichanga’s and with the writing, acting and directing mashing this well you probably would have still gotten an entertaining night out.

Deadpool 2

This doesn’t feel like an X-Men film but technically it is. It exists in the same Fox Studios Marvel Universe as the Wolverine and X-Men films. Deadpool does the one thing I have hated about the X-Men series since X2, ignore the writing and story of the previous movies for the sake of making the new film entertaining. Hate is a strong word but that is how I feel about it. Having said that I need to say that I am so glad they did it in this instance. For those of you who have seen X-Men Origins Wolverine I am sure you can agree that they had nowhere to go with the atrocity that was Wade Wilson. Deadpool being Deadpool also knows that he is a fictional character so the inconsistency is just another opportunity for a laugh.

I can’t really say to much more without throwing spoilers at you but I can sum it up for you like this. I loved it. I am a huge fan of the modern Superhero film and this is not that. I have nothing but praise for Director Tim Miller, the entire acting cast but specifically Ryan Reynolds with this career defining moment and the writers who have taken a character and film with excessive anticipation and delivered in gratuitous style. So the result is, Superhero movie buff, comedy lovers, action fanatics and anyone who is open to being entertained…… go and see this movie.

Deadpool 3

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